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Theory of Figuration (II-2009)

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

We are happy to inform you that the second issue of Cassirer Studies has just come out with the title “Theory of Figuration”.
Each contribution brings a new perspective to bear on the studies concerning Cassirer’s three functions Ausdruck, Darstellung, Bedeutung, which still stands as a boundary topic between the Philosophy of Symbolic Forms and the theories of representation in general, as they all tend towards a “theory of figuration” as such.



FABIEN CAPEILLÈRES, “K” for “Kunst”. Cassirer’s pages on Art for PdsF IV. With a note on Francis Bacon


WERNER HOFMANN, Meine Wege zu Cassirer. Eine Skizze
ANGÈLE KREMER MARIETTI, La philosophie comme science du symbolique
STEVE G. LOFTS, “Who are we?”. Toward an Ontology of Sense
CARMEN METTA, A cassirerian-kleean casuistry of occurrences of “Form” and “Figure”