Kunstkritik (IV-2012)

We are happy to announce the publication of «Cassirer Studies», IV: Kunstkritik. This issue bears the title of the Seminar held in Naples in November 2011, the proceedings of which are collected in the section “Seminar”.  Shown below is the table of contents of the volume:

HEINRICH WÖLFFLIN, Die Persönlichkeit Jacob Burckhardts,
ed. by Maurizio Ghelardi

ANDRÉ STANGUENNEC, Le cinéma et la peinture comme formes
symboliques: autour d’Erwin Panofsky et d’Ernst Cassirer

FABIEN CAPEILLÈRES, Art Critique as a Philosophical Science?
From Assessing Aesthetic Values to the Constitution of a World

STEVE G. LOFTS, Cassirer and Heidegger: Art, Language, and
the Thinking of the Textual-Event

CARMEN METTA, A Critique of the Work: Cassirer and Benjamin

GIULIO RAIO, Transition to the Work

STEPHEN H. WATSON, Focus Imaginarius: Cassirer, Heidegger,
the Narratives of Art and the Art of Narrative


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