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An der Schwelle einer neuen geistigen Welt (VII-VIII/2014-2015)

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Dear colleagues,


we have been working hard for the publication of this issue of «Cassirer Studies», which came out with a considerable delay last July 2018. Accordingly the volume bears a double numeration: it follows the previous issue (VI/2013), with no reference to the current year (VII-VIII/2014-2015).

The title “An der Schwelle einer neuen geistigen Welt” quotes Cassirer’s words to say the passage from expression to representation and a new constellation of Ausdruck, in which that of Aby Warburg can be inscribed.

Thanks to the contribution of the American Philosophical Association the section SEMINAR edited by Fabien Capeillères gathers the proceedings of the conference “On Cassirer and the Neo-Kantian Legacy”, held in St. Louis, Missouri, in February 2015.

The section NACHLASS edited by Maurizio Ghelardi presents Aby Warburg’s text “Die Wanderungen der antiken Götterwelt vor ihrem Eintritt in die italienische Hochrenaissance”, from of a conference held in Göttingen in November 1913 which is in close relation both to the study “Italienische Kunst und internationale Astrologie im Palazzo Schifanoja zu Ferrara” (1913) and to the conference on the history of astrology held in Hamburg in August 1913 by Warburg, Franz Boll and Carl Bezold.

We are thankful to our publisher Bibliopolis who made this publication possible and are happy to announce that the journal has become its property.